Hotel Management

Responsible for the future management of your business, BHG is is the largest Brazilian Hotel Network and the hotel administrator that has grown the most in recent years. Offering transparency, credibility and profitability for your business, we are interested in hotels focused on business travel that have excellent operational performance.

If you are looking for optimization, profitability for your business, leadership in the hotel industry and the ability to make people feel good, come join us!


Competitive Advantages
• Greater flexibility in the negotiation of management fees;
• Business model based on a policy of serious negotiations, with efficient management, based on the value of meritocracy, and recognizing the importance of a cohesive and aligned team.
• BHG maintains an exclusive agreement with the Golden Tulip Hospitality Group in South America, one of the most traditional hotel chains in the world, with 3, 4 and 5-star hotels. The Company operates in the management, acquisition and construction of hotels in the business travel segment, mainly in major cities.
• Careful selection of investments, made after an extensive and thorough analysis of the market, which allows for sustainable growth.
• Geographic diversification: BHG mainly invests in major urban centers, with a focus on business travel. The Company seeks to (i) take advantage of the cultural diversity of Brazil and South America to attract all types of business tourists, and (ii) reduce the risks of seasonality with respect to occupancy rates in tourist destinations.
• Favorable macroeconomic dynamic: the Company believes that the growth of the Brazilian GDP, the increase in foreign direct investment in Brazil, economic stability with inflation control, and the gradual decline in interest rates have created a favorable landscape for tourism development in recent years, given that the growth in economic activity and the greater availability of income favor business trips and tourism.