Business Development

In recent years, BHG has become one of three largest hotel networks in the country, with more than 10,000 rooms under management, and its New Business area is one of the main drivers of this rapid and consistent growth. The New Business area is divided into three major centers of activity: (i) M&A – mergers and acquisitions, (ii) Greenfield – participation in the development of new hotels, and (iii) Management – management of third-party hotels. The New Business team is made up of young members, who are highly technical, professional and experienced in the industry.

In its strategy to become the leading player in the market in the coming years, BHG, working through its New Business area, believes that the industry still offers major opportunities. Following a recent review of the Company’s strategic plan, it opted to focus more on the management of third-party hotels, where it is believed that with the Company’s expertise, its strong brands, its nationwide presence and its focus on results, it will be possible to grow even more quickly and generate even more robust results for BHG’s partners. For acquisitions, the Company’s focus is restricted to hotels in Brazil’s major cities, with a strong structure in place for business travelers and at least 120 rooms. When participating in the development of new hotels, the Company evaluates minority stakes that may assist in the viability of the project and demonstrate a strong alignment of interests between property owners and managers.

With this growth strategy for the three paths outlined above, BHG believes it is the industry player that is most prepared, flexible and aligned with the interests of hotel owners, making it the best choice for their projects, whether already in operation (independently or as part of a network) or still in the design or construction phase.